Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you ready? Santa is coming.

Our guild had a sewing class and Elizabeth showed us how to make this YoYo Santa.  I still have
to put on his cheery checks.  The hardest thing about making this was making the Yo Yo's.

I think I will keep this one for myself.

I did get into my sewing room , clean , sort and dust. Everyone needs to do that once in a while.  I found things I didn't know I had.  And unfinished projects.  no comment..............

I need to get into my green house and do the same thing.  Move plants in there.  I do have my lemon tree in there already.  I do love freshly fallen pine straw.  I love to mulch all of my beds.  But will my back let me rake?  And will the chipmunk move out that has taken up residence in my greenhouse?

I am just taking things day by day, to tell you the truth this is not my favorite time of year.
I could do without the holidays. Just saying.................. My world is not good this time of year.

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