Wednesday, June 27, 2012


That word can be used in Gardening and Quilting.  It crossed my mind when I

came upon something that took my breath. 

Let me back up a little.  This time of year is a struggle for me.  You see I love to

garden as much as I love to quilt.  I was a Master Gardener before I was  a

quilter.  I am trying to bring back my garden .  For about 2 years I was unable

to take care of it.  If you read my profile you will know why. 

Quilt Guild is out for the summer.  So I am trying to  work on UFO's  and my

garden calls to me. 

Lets get back to the word Perfection.  As far as quilting the Amish said it best,

they always allow mistakes in their quilts because only GOD can create

 anything perfect.  That saying always makes me feel better about my


Back to the garden,  I was  ( call it piddling ) in my garden, pulling weeds,

watering and then I turned around and a brand new Lotus bloom caught my

eye.  I have a big water barrel of Lotus and also some dwarf lotus.  I love water

plants.  The bloom was beautiful  so perfect.  The down side of some blooms,

they dont last long.  It was in full bloom, I went inside to get my camera.  By the

time I came back out it was closing up.  Oh no !!! I missed perfection. 

GOD gives and takes away.  When this bloom is fully open it will take you


My other love, my Myers Lemon tree.  It has 4 lemons and more blooms.

As it starts getting hotter in Georgia my sewing room will be nice and cool.

Next post I should have some finished projects to show.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


That's what I get for being gone so long. I would love to delete and start all over again.  I am getting some pictures together to post, but right now my thoughts will have to do.

Summer is here and every person that quilts and gardens really struggles.  Where to spend your
time in the sewing room or outside   I even pray for rain so I wont feel so bad about staying in
and sewing. Then there is all of the other duties that you have to do.  But I am so blessed being able to do what I am able to do.  But not as much as I would like to do. 

With in this month I have spent a weekend with girlfriends beading and shopping in the Georgia Mt.s.  Went to Mary's Quilters quilt retreat.   We had a blast. And guess who forgot
there camera!!!!!!!!!!!!   They had a jelly roll race and a pin cushion swap.  I cant believe I have no pictures. 

Good to be back from a lot going on in my life.  I feel balanced again. 

Now I just have to figure out how everything works.  I sew better than I compute.

Stitch by Stitch