Monday, May 30, 2011

   I have this huge Old fashion French Hydrangea bush at the corner of the house. I just had to cut some and bring them in. I also put some St. John Wort blooms , perennial salvia and Bathtisha pods in the vase. I love cut flowers. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
I certainly will think about all of our men and women that are serving for our freedom.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We all had a wonderful time. It is sort of a relief to be out for the summer. Now I can sew for me for a while.
I love to quilt for Christmas at this time of year. I have so many projects to do.
And guess What?????? I won second place with my civil war quilt that was names American Trilogy.
Remember that song he sang?  I love civil war quilts so it sort of fell into place. I was so excited. I had never won with one of my quilts.
First Place was won by Mary. Her quilt was about his song in the garden.

Blue Hawaii and all the faces of Elvis.................So creative
We had a Challenge. Anything Elvis. A quilt or item hand made with his face or about one of his songs.
here are 2 totes that where entered. They are great.

This is pictures of our May Guild Banquet. The swearing in of new officers. Good Luck everyone. We wont meet again until August.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looks so good to eat.

Our Guild had their May Dinner. We will not start up until til August  I did Block of the Month for thre guild
soThe President gave all of the people who had a job in the guild a beatiful pin cushion. Another one for my

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Samelia's Mum is having a great May giveaway. Go check her blog out.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I cant come up with a caption for this one. Can you? Whatever Lola whats Lola gets??????????????
She is my heart. She deserves that bone and much more. HEHE
I want to start with the month of June , with the really cute Bee.  Her line of fabric is so pretty. I have seen all of the months put into a quilt. Our Bee went on a shopping trip to one of our favorite quilt shops The Dragonfly  in Watkinsville, Ga.  I already had the book so I couldn't resist picking up the fabric.  The nice thing about these patterns you can do them one at a time with fat quarters.
I still cutting and sewing on my Batik quilt.  Finished 2 baby quilts for journey of hope. And need to finish my April BOM  of Comfort of Joy. I like to have several projects going at one time. I cant cut a whole quilt at a time, my knees and back wont let me.

Her fabric line

My next project. The book Count on it by Nancy Halvorson.  I love this book.  Sorry about the photos.
I either need another camera or need to take photography lessons.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Some one ask what kind of quilt was I using my Batiks in.  I told her that I would post the pattern. I am just getting started.  Some of these Batiks were so pretty, they had something I could fussy cut to bring it forward. I wanted a simple pattern.  I have been working on some quilting that was really time consuming.
So I wanted to just cut , sew and not think.  I am going to let the fabric do the work for me.
I found this pattern in McCall's Quick Quilts. It will be about 82 in x 98 in.
I collected these Batiks for about 4 years. Bought some, got some from my Bee sisters for Birthday and won some.  It was so hard to cut into them. But now I will really enjoy seeing this one come together. I love this pattern, no sashing or big borders.
Sew Bee It

It is a start

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thought I would break the silence................

Well just taking a break from the sewing room.  Wish I had some pictures but oh well!  Nothing really finished or exciting going on.  I'm working on my Batik quilt and 3 quilts for Journey of Hope. 
Couple of days ago I tried to take some pictures............ We had a Wrens nest on our screened in back porch.  The mama has been so busy feeding her babies. I checked on them the other day,peeking through
the window. My sewing room looks out onto the screened in back porch.  The nest was in a flower arrangement that is on the wall of the porch.  One of the babies was setting on a sunflower ready to met the world. I ran and got my camera. When I say run I am not greased lightning.  And my camera is never where I need it to be handy. I got back with the camera and all of the babies had flown.  All trapped on the screened porch and the mother having a hissy fit. So no picture, I had an emergency on my hands.!!!!!!!!
I propped open the door and herded them up through the door ( 4 little babies ).  Well looked out there later and 2 more were on the porch!!!!!!!!!  O.K.  either she had 6 babies which is a lot for a little Wren or 2 came back wanting to go back to the nest. So here we go again.  All united again.  Happy Day!!!!

I am waiting for a good hair day so I can post my picture.  I really appreciate all of my followers. Thanks so much for stopping by.  I have met so many nice people during my blogging.
Sew Bee It..............

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last night my guild had a sew in for Journey of Hope. We make quilts for children with cancer.  Everyone brought orphan blocks and nine patch blocks This quilt on my design wall is a baseball quilt top for a boy. The lady that hands out the quilts told a story about a boy about 10 years old and we didn't have a quilt big enough for him. It broke my heart that he didn't get a quilt.  I was making this baseball quilt for my grandson Dawson.  I ask him if I could donate it to a child with cancer.  With a very concerned look n his face he said " Sure Nana please do " I was so proud oh him. So I hope to get it pinned and quilted as soon as I can.  We often forget that not only small children need a quilt.  It makes me happy that quilts make anyone comforted and loved.
stitch by stitch Carolyn


This doesn't look like it but it is a 4 year collection of Batiks.  One of my favorite fabrics. I did not want to buy more fabric.  My joints were not in the mood for a lot of walking so I was on a mission to find a good pattern worth cutting into my Batiks. I had gotten some for my Birthday, I had won some and of course
bought some. So I have started cutting my blocks . After shedding some tears I made the first cut. I love my Batiks.  The picture doesn't  do the fabric justice. Some take your breath away. It should be a happy colorful quilt. Cant wait to have it on my display wall.