Friday, January 11, 2013

Unsewing is not a good thing.

I have been unsewing all day, not a good thing.  I am trying to quilt a quilt for a great

niece.  I failed to checked the back of my quilt a I quilted and when I did get to the edge, there

it was............ my tension was all wrong.  I sure did  a lot of quilting before I checked, a big

lesson learned.  I guess as long as we make a mistake we learn a lesson it is o.k..  That is

how I have to justify it to myself.

Well I uploaded the picture above but it landed in the wrong place.  Well anyway the quilt in the picture is a quilt I made for another great niece, Lendon. A close up of the front, I love the
fabric, it reminds me of the old timey Run Jane books. Oh my I just aged myself. I learned how
to  read out of these books.

a>This a small wall hanging I have been working on.  I love Civil War and patriot fabric. So any
thing with a flag on it I love.

I have more pictures but when I go to look for them to upload I cant find them.  Oh well another problem another day.

I have some really good pictures of my sewing room since I have redone it.  Jusy hope I find my pictures...........


Sunday, January 6, 2013


  WELL  I'm back and hope this year my life will allow me to be a better
   blogger.  It is hard to find inspiration sometimes.  Sometimes I wonder if
   blogging is for me, but we will see.  Sometimes my life is to up and down with
   my health. 

   I have some great changes in my sewing room.  Mr. Baboo made me a wonderful
   book shelf and that freed up some room to sort of rearrange.  I feel so lucky to have
   a very nice sewing room.  I'll post pictures later.  I love books, quilting books, cook
   books, gardening books and insect and bird books.

   I'm excited to be part of a Quilt Show that some friends from our guild are getting
   together.  I'll have only 1 quilt in it, but very proud.
   It will be at The Art Station 5374 Manor Drive, Stone Mountain, Ga. 30086.
   Opening night will be Jan 12th and will be through March 2.  So I hope you
   will come by.
   About 50 quilts will be on display from really talented Ladies. Also a silent
   The art of quilting is always a beautiful thing and should be shared.

   Well darn this blogging page has changed I cant load pictures.  You
    cant blog without pictures.

    Guess I will have to work on this, nothing is easy.

     Glad to be back...................I think