Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Well I have been in the sewing room trying to get some UFOs done.  I have made some progress.  I also do the Block of the Month for my Guild so that takes me a lot of time.  It is hard because I am trying to think of blocks for advanced quilters and beginners.  I don't want to bore the ole timers but want to challenge the newbies. 

My knees and hands are really giving me trouble.  I sure could enjoy a few good days without pain.  But they say that pain lets you know you are still alive.  The person that came up with that saying didn't have RA,  I'm sure of it.

I took a class on the One Block Wonder and it was so much fun.  Every quilter needs to know how to do this block. 

This time of year ( fall) I always wish I had gotten further on my seasonal sewing.  I think Christmas fabrics is one of my favorites.  I have some neat patterns for Christmas blocks.

I finished a table topper, baby quilt and have plenty more to finish.  I have about 5 quilts to be quilted but just don't have the money right now.

Well I'll get things gone Stitch by Stitch