Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Backside of bad news....................

I think I have been studying and taking pictures of nature, bugs and gardening

long before I started quilting.  I feel so connected to nature.  So sometimes that is

what I will blog about.  Whatever is on my heart.  Oh back to the Backside of

bad news.............

While out on my front porch I saw this lovely creature.  Here in Georgia we call them Cow Ants. 

Story has it a group of these can bring down a cow.  I have never been stung and don't want to.  I have red it is nasty.  But they have there place in nature.  Mother Nature is a smart lady, she gave
most of the dangerous bugs bright colors to warn predators.  But I let it go on its way.  I'm sure it
will hunt without bothering me.

This is where I like to preach a little bit about bugs.  There is good bugs and bad bugs.  Both have there place in nature.  Don't get me wrong if say a black widow is in my space she is going to die.
They are very protective when they have eggs.  But out of the way she will continue her journey.
So many things in nature are endangered.  Bees for instance are disappearing every year.  We will have no food without anything to pollinate it.  Not only bees pollinate but wasp and even Humming Birds. So shame on you if you have a bug zapper.

Please teach your children not to be scared of nature.  There is beauty there no mater what it is.
Good bugs and bad bugs.  Most of time good bugs eat bad bugs, that's nature.  GOD gave us nature
to enjoy and prove that he is all around us.

Miss Lola guarding the porch and watching nature with me.

Here is the Harvest wall hanging I have started on.  I love this propounded
panels.  I love to do echo quilting and adding buttons.  It is open to a lot of imagination.

Until next time,
stitch by stitch...........

Monday, July 16, 2012


 This gardener at heart really struggles , should I be outside with nature or
inside with my other love.  But it has been rainy for the last several days and
I have gotten a few things done.  Yippee !!!!!!!!!!!!  Love it when my sewing room
is active.

I did this Prairie Point quilt in a sewing class.  Our guild has sewing class on certain nights.  We have great quilters in our guild that teach our classes.
I think it is great because it lets all of this talent really shine.  Anyway I loved this pattern and finally finished quilting it last week.  Thanks Pam Cato for
teaching this class.

I used Nancy Halverson fabric ( jelly Roll ) made by Benetex.  I discovered
Benetex is not my favorite fabric.

This blue quilt that is hanging is not finished yet, needs to be quilted.  I made this quilt, I'm embarrassed to say about 5 or 6 years ago.  I have a very good
long armer ( Donna Barlow ) of Lady Bug Quilt Studio that will be quilting it
for me.

I loved this pattern. I think Log Cabin is one of  my favorites.  I made this quilt during a Quilt retreat, had a blast.

Oops sorry for the duplicate picture. Blogger isn't playing nice.

I found this wall hanging panel that I found at Hobby Lobby.  Cut outs on the left
of picture you cut out and attach to panel to look 3D.  This is so sweet to hang on your door for fall.  This panel is great for using different stitches to accent for quilting.  I've got it cut out and pinned.  I will be quilting on this tomorrow.

I don't always  think of fabric when I think Hobby Lobby.  I try to get fabric at
quilt shops.  I hate to admit it but I am a Quilt shop snob.  Missouri Star Quilt
Company get a lot of my business on line.  They always have a great deal of the
day.  I love their tutorials.  Great learning tool.

Two years ago I did block of the month for our guild.  This was one of the blocks.
Christmas stocking so easy to make.  I had a lot of Christmas fabric scraps to use. So I made a table runner.  I will do some echo quilting on this. 

So I am going to end this blog with some nature.  Deer in my front yard.  They have eaten everything in our yard, veggies, hosta, .  It has been such a dry spring
that they are looking for anything for moisture.  This is our resident deer family .  A doe, 2 fawns in spots and a young buck.  Probably her baby from
last year ( yearling ).

This is the reason I live in the boondocks I love nature and all that it brings. 

I'll be gardening and stitching...................