Monday, October 31, 2011

Ive Got Mail...............

As every quilter I love when the UPS or mail man comes with a white bumpy package.
Deep down in my heart I know it is a sickness.  But anyway I received one.  I had ordered something from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I don't know if you know about their deal of the day. I check their
website every morning.  They had a special on Nancy Halverson fabrics. I love her fabrics and

Along with the fabric a really nice note hand written.  Thanks Brandy............... I have her book
on the calendars.  I will have something else to work on this winter.

The weather here in North Middle Georgia has been wonderful.  I feel so quilty being inside sewing
when I should be outside taking pictures, pruning my roses, putting my garden to bed.  I cant even
think about outside until our Guild Bazaar is over.
But mean time we are keeping warm.  PRICELESS.....................

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest Speaker at Cotton Boll Quilt Guild

Our Guild meeting was last night.  We had a guest speaker, Lain Stowe from Sew Much Fun
in Columbus, Ga.  She is a fabric and pattern designer.  She also owns a quilt shop
in Columbus.

She showed us some patterns we had not seen before and a lot of nice quilts and purses.

Everyone in our guild was ask to make and hand in a 12 finished black and white block.  We could make as many as we wanted or had time to make.  We did this for our Raffle quilt for the year. Some of the members put it together .  It turned out beautiful.  A black and white quilt is so
striking.  We had well over 50 blocks handed in.  We hope to have it quilted and on display at our
Christmas Bazaar.  We will be  selling tickets at the Bazaar.

This is going to be a yummy quilt.

SO DON'T FORGET ...........................

CONYERS,GA.  30013

DEC. 3RD  9:00am to 4:00pm


Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey Just remebered.....

  If you stop and make a comment please leave your email so I can respond.
  I love to get back to you.

Christmas Quilt Bazaar and Bee News

 First our Bee ( the SEW BEE ITS ) had a sew in meeting last Thursday we learned how to
make the 60 degree runner.  It is really interesting how it works.  Every ones turned out
looking different.

Helen was our teacher.  She also went to Ireland last summer and brought us back
a pretty handmade Dollie and tea.  She always thinks of us.   She went to Peru last
year and brought us back a thimble, sort of started my thimble collection.  Doesn't 3
Count as a collection?   So nice and thoughtful.

I have been sewing for our upcoming Christmas Bazaar.  Cant wait to see our show and tell
at next Guild ( tomorrow ) to see what is going to be handed in for the Bazaar.

Our Christmas Bazaar will be Saturday Dec 3rd. from 9:ooam til 4:00pm.
Place: Epiphany Lutheran Church
             2375 Ga. Hwy 20,
              Conyers,Ga. 30013

What I have been working on.............

This is the top and I had some orphan blocks and added them to the back.

A 10 minute runner.

Have you ever made an Advent Calendar?  I don't know if I will ever make another one. 
I do have to make one more for my grandchildren.  It was the most aggravating kit I have ever put together.

I also embroidered a set of pillowcases.  I still am working on some pin cushions and whatever else
strikes me.

Our Guild meeting is tomorrow night, hope to remember my camera and take ome pictures.  We always have a good time.

Stitch by Stitch

Friday, October 21, 2011


Well I really am frustrated.  I love when people stop by and leave comments.  I have no esty, just me and my thoughts.  But I cant reply to the people who come to visit.  Am I doing something wrong or are the people who comment have their email protected?  I love it when I leave a
comment and they email me back.  I am so new to blogging and really don't know the ends and out of  this wonderful media.  I guess I need a HTML for Dummies book.

So if you are one of the nice people that leave a comment I have tried to thank you for stopping by.

My Lola and I are just asking...........

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

One of the pleasures I get out of this Very blessed life is growing plants and have them reward you with
their bounty.  One of my favorites is my Myer Lemon tree.  I always have to have lemon in my sweet tea.
My tree doesn't look to lush, it has had a hard time for about 2 years.  While I was trying to fight a knee replacement and infection in both knees and my back my tree had to stay with someone else.  So I didn't get to baby it or fertilize it.  I truly believe we have a connection with our plants.  Opps anyway my bird dog went on a different trail.  But through it all when I brought it home it presented me with 3 lemons.
If you haven't had a Myers Lemon you haven't had a real lemon.

When I picked the lemons she gave me a wonderful sniff of lovely scent.  I know I know I am waxing
long about this tree, but I love this tree and what it gives me.  If you dont have one get one.
I had to pick the fruit before our first cold front comes through.  She will go along with other plants  into my greenhouse.  She will probably set bloom as soon as I fertilize her.  The blooms are so nice.

I know alot of people out on the west coast have these in your back yard....lucky you.

Just three but they will be used in my sweet tea and bring a smile to my face.  And I will Thank GOD
for his wonderful creation.  This is a story of a Southern Belle and her love for lemons.
Thanks for stopping by.......Ya'll

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Dream has come true..

Yes my dream has come true. I always look for more reasons to stay in my sewing longer.  Sometimes
body just doesn't want to sew anymore or my mind wonders.  I really hope I'm not the only one with that
problem.  I was given something I have always wanted in my sewing room.

Who is that man in my sewing room?  Why it is Mr. Baboo ( Bayboo ) it is a southern thing.  This sweet man won a T.V. in a golf tournament.  I was excited when he hooked it up and got it going.
Sometimes I listen to audio books or my favorite music station.   It would be neat to hear what everyone else does while they are sewing.

Ta DA...........  of course on a cooking show.  I am so proud and it sure makes it nicer in the sewing

I found this pattern and I had to do it.  I love fall colors and sewing for fall.

I will show it in show and tell at guild then put it on my dining room table.  I have done a lot of sewing for our Christmas Bazaar coming up but have not taken pictures yet.

I'll be posting about the Christmas Bazaar later.  We have 2 local charity's that we are donating the proceeds.

Stitch by Stitch