Friday, October 14, 2011

My Dream has come true..

Yes my dream has come true. I always look for more reasons to stay in my sewing longer.  Sometimes
body just doesn't want to sew anymore or my mind wonders.  I really hope I'm not the only one with that
problem.  I was given something I have always wanted in my sewing room.

Who is that man in my sewing room?  Why it is Mr. Baboo ( Bayboo ) it is a southern thing.  This sweet man won a T.V. in a golf tournament.  I was excited when he hooked it up and got it going.
Sometimes I listen to audio books or my favorite music station.   It would be neat to hear what everyone else does while they are sewing.

Ta DA...........  of course on a cooking show.  I am so proud and it sure makes it nicer in the sewing

I found this pattern and I had to do it.  I love fall colors and sewing for fall.

I will show it in show and tell at guild then put it on my dining room table.  I have done a lot of sewing for our Christmas Bazaar coming up but have not taken pictures yet.

I'll be posting about the Christmas Bazaar later.  We have 2 local charity's that we are donating the proceeds.

Stitch by Stitch

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  1. I LOVE this pumpkin topper---would you mind sharing what pattern it is or where I could get my hands on it? :)