Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

One of the pleasures I get out of this Very blessed life is growing plants and have them reward you with
their bounty.  One of my favorites is my Myer Lemon tree.  I always have to have lemon in my sweet tea.
My tree doesn't look to lush, it has had a hard time for about 2 years.  While I was trying to fight a knee replacement and infection in both knees and my back my tree had to stay with someone else.  So I didn't get to baby it or fertilize it.  I truly believe we have a connection with our plants.  Opps anyway my bird dog went on a different trail.  But through it all when I brought it home it presented me with 3 lemons.
If you haven't had a Myers Lemon you haven't had a real lemon.

When I picked the lemons she gave me a wonderful sniff of lovely scent.  I know I know I am waxing
long about this tree, but I love this tree and what it gives me.  If you dont have one get one.
I had to pick the fruit before our first cold front comes through.  She will go along with other plants  into my greenhouse.  She will probably set bloom as soon as I fertilize her.  The blooms are so nice.

I know alot of people out on the west coast have these in your back yard....lucky you.

Just three but they will be used in my sweet tea and bring a smile to my face.  And I will Thank GOD
for his wonderful creation.  This is a story of a Southern Belle and her love for lemons.
Thanks for stopping by.......Ya'll


  1. Oooh, just look at your lemons!! I'm in northeast TN and often wonder if those would grow here now that the climate has warmed. I may have to give one a try. That runner is gorgeous!! And the blue chicken there with the lemons on the runner....perfection! :)

  2. I have two lemon trees and two lime. Hopefully this year they will bear some fruit. I think the lemons will. :)