Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wishing my life away....wishing for October!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been so hot. I'm a southern girl but I am not use to this. Well really I was raised on the Gulf Coast, we always had a breeze. Yes I do have
air conditioning so I am really blessed and I feel quilty for complaining.
Georgia has never been so hot in so many days in a row. shewwwwwww.

But I have some things to show and blog about. This little gadet is wonderful for me. Yes a YO YO maker. I have a quilt that has a lot of yo yos on it. I really have trouble making yoyos but this has made it so easy for me. I bought the small one, I think I will get the bigger one also.

Went to Sweet Home Quilt Company and found the cutiest pattern for an easy table runner. It requires 2 honey buns and some extra fabric. I made this up in about 2 hours. A really quick gift to make up.

Also just had to show what wonderful friends do. Our Guild had our Spring dinner and someone made everyone in the guild a needle holder with our initals on it. I just love it and use it all the time for hand work.
Also a friend went to Cananda for vacation and brought me back a pin cushion with the Maple Leaf on it. It will be added to my collection. Quilting friends are the best.

And I enjoy reading everyones blogs. I get so many ideas and love to comment. I'm not an everyday blogger but I feel a part of a really good
community. Bye going to stick my head in the frig. to cool off.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wrens new home

This is my little 3 wheeled scooter that I use to garden in. But when you leave it parked in the garage for a while and dont use it something else comes along and claims it. Wrens make a few fake nest. I dont know why they just do. This was made in one day. I thought it was so funny.

My Lotus bloomed and they are so pretty the bloom just doesnt last long enough. Lotus are such an interesting water plant.

O.K. enough of gardening. I found a wonderful tool. Discovered through a friend. Everyone that embroideries or appliques must have a light box. These
things are so helpful. It really has helped me doing the BOM I am working on. I also love to do redwork. Just FYI....................

Lola loves my scrap box. She hides all of her treasures in there She had a bath today and she is so prissy when she gets her spa day.

When I get all the embroidery done on my BOM I will put it on my display wall and post it.
Hope everyone has a good week. I try to remember life is what we make.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I havent been in my sewing room for a while. Started out as a really bad flare with my RA..Then in a rut. Hard to get excited about a project with a
upside life like mine. But I do have my days. Then I felt quilty about not blogging. I still read blogs everynight. Well finally got back to sewing yesterday. My wonderful husband just wanted a pizza for supper, so that cleared the day for me. I am working on The BOM Comfort and Joy, lots of applique. Not doing much applique I think I am doing ok. Learning by doing and
reading blogs of people who applique.
With all of that being said,have you had a sewing day that everything you sew
turns out awful? I did more unsewing than sewing, but as the day went on my day got better. I dont want this project to be one of those that I dread to pick up. I think as I get caught up and work out some of the clitches I will
be o.k. with it.
Having RA. my life isnt constant, that drives me crazy. There is no sure thing
that I can get in that sewing room everyday, but for a lot of people that is also true for one reason or another.
I hold on to the thought that I will have a wonderful quilt by Christmas. It is so hard to manage my time. But I will go into my sewing room today
excited to get under way again. I hope to get caught up on The BOM today.
I have a few other projects I want to do also.
SHEWWWWW, just had to let off a little steam. Sorry this is not very interesting blog but it is my life. But I am very Blessed. I did open my eyes this morning and took a breath.
I hope everyone has a very nice Holiday. My husband plans to pack the smoker
with lots of meat and we will eat like southern pigs.
Love ya and God Bless