Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wrens new home

This is my little 3 wheeled scooter that I use to garden in. But when you leave it parked in the garage for a while and dont use it something else comes along and claims it. Wrens make a few fake nest. I dont know why they just do. This was made in one day. I thought it was so funny.

My Lotus bloomed and they are so pretty the bloom just doesnt last long enough. Lotus are such an interesting water plant.

O.K. enough of gardening. I found a wonderful tool. Discovered through a friend. Everyone that embroideries or appliques must have a light box. These
things are so helpful. It really has helped me doing the BOM I am working on. I also love to do redwork. Just FYI....................

Lola loves my scrap box. She hides all of her treasures in there She had a bath today and she is so prissy when she gets her spa day.

When I get all the embroidery done on my BOM I will put it on my display wall and post it.
Hope everyone has a good week. I try to remember life is what we make.

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