Friday, July 1, 2011

I havent been in my sewing room for a while. Started out as a really bad flare with my RA..Then in a rut. Hard to get excited about a project with a
upside life like mine. But I do have my days. Then I felt quilty about not blogging. I still read blogs everynight. Well finally got back to sewing yesterday. My wonderful husband just wanted a pizza for supper, so that cleared the day for me. I am working on The BOM Comfort and Joy, lots of applique. Not doing much applique I think I am doing ok. Learning by doing and
reading blogs of people who applique.
With all of that being said,have you had a sewing day that everything you sew
turns out awful? I did more unsewing than sewing, but as the day went on my day got better. I dont want this project to be one of those that I dread to pick up. I think as I get caught up and work out some of the clitches I will
be o.k. with it.
Having RA. my life isnt constant, that drives me crazy. There is no sure thing
that I can get in that sewing room everyday, but for a lot of people that is also true for one reason or another.
I hold on to the thought that I will have a wonderful quilt by Christmas. It is so hard to manage my time. But I will go into my sewing room today
excited to get under way again. I hope to get caught up on The BOM today.
I have a few other projects I want to do also.
SHEWWWWW, just had to let off a little steam. Sorry this is not very interesting blog but it is my life. But I am very Blessed. I did open my eyes this morning and took a breath.
I hope everyone has a very nice Holiday. My husband plans to pack the smoker
with lots of meat and we will eat like southern pigs.
Love ya and God Bless


  1. I know what you mean. I'm still trying to learn about my RA and how to stay healthy. I know I sabotage myself without meaning to. When I feel good I do too much which sets me up for problems in the days to come. I also have a real hard time remembering to take my meds. Even with timers set I can manage to miss them.
    Now that most of our travel is over maybe I can get back to a good schedule and start feeling better. I really want to sew, but seem to just flounder when I go in there.
    Maybe tomorrow.

  2. I feel your pain. I wish I could get in my sewing room everyday like almost everyone else but some days I just cant. But we just need to stay on the positive side. Thanks for your comment. Sorry it took so long. I am a new blogger and I am surprised when someone comments. Thanks for stopping by. Try to stay positive.