Friday, January 11, 2013

Unsewing is not a good thing.

I have been unsewing all day, not a good thing.  I am trying to quilt a quilt for a great

niece.  I failed to checked the back of my quilt a I quilted and when I did get to the edge, there

it was............ my tension was all wrong.  I sure did  a lot of quilting before I checked, a big

lesson learned.  I guess as long as we make a mistake we learn a lesson it is o.k..  That is

how I have to justify it to myself.

Well I uploaded the picture above but it landed in the wrong place.  Well anyway the quilt in the picture is a quilt I made for another great niece, Lendon. A close up of the front, I love the
fabric, it reminds me of the old timey Run Jane books. Oh my I just aged myself. I learned how
to  read out of these books.

a>This a small wall hanging I have been working on.  I love Civil War and patriot fabric. So any
thing with a flag on it I love.

I have more pictures but when I go to look for them to upload I cant find them.  Oh well another problem another day.

I have some really good pictures of my sewing room since I have redone it.  Jusy hope I find my pictures...........


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