Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thought I would break the silence................

Well just taking a break from the sewing room.  Wish I had some pictures but oh well!  Nothing really finished or exciting going on.  I'm working on my Batik quilt and 3 quilts for Journey of Hope. 
Couple of days ago I tried to take some pictures............ We had a Wrens nest on our screened in back porch.  The mama has been so busy feeding her babies. I checked on them the other day,peeking through
the window. My sewing room looks out onto the screened in back porch.  The nest was in a flower arrangement that is on the wall of the porch.  One of the babies was setting on a sunflower ready to met the world. I ran and got my camera. When I say run I am not greased lightning.  And my camera is never where I need it to be handy. I got back with the camera and all of the babies had flown.  All trapped on the screened porch and the mother having a hissy fit. So no picture, I had an emergency on my hands.!!!!!!!!
I propped open the door and herded them up through the door ( 4 little babies ).  Well looked out there later and 2 more were on the porch!!!!!!!!!  O.K.  either she had 6 babies which is a lot for a little Wren or 2 came back wanting to go back to the nest. So here we go again.  All united again.  Happy Day!!!!

I am waiting for a good hair day so I can post my picture.  I really appreciate all of my followers. Thanks so much for stopping by.  I have met so many nice people during my blogging.
Sew Bee It..............

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