Sunday, January 22, 2012

Remember Freddie Fender?

I guess I am telling my age.  The song he sang oh so describes my life lately. WASTED DAYS AND WASTED NIGHTS.................The last 2 days I have done nothing........nothing. 

Long time since I posted was Nov. 30th.  The holidays caught up with me.  RA and holidays
really doest mix.  So much to sew and do.  Really glad to see the  holidays go. I sighed a sound of
relieve  after News Years.  Doctor threatened to put me in the hospital last of November, not
a good thought.  How do you get all of the stress out of your life when life IS stress.  Stress is the worst for my RA.  My Sid rate went sky high.  Enough of that.

Toward the end of 2011 I got sort of out done with blogging. I did do a few blocks for charity and
Blocks for Valor.  They were appreciated and welcome by those who received them. But I was in a swap
and received nothing back. I couldn't believe it.  Did blocks from a request of a friend of someone
for a special quilt. Not told if they got received or a thank you card.  After all of this I cant tell you
how I felt. I know my first thought was nobody twisted my arm but I have really struck out as far
as getting involved in blogging.  I joined a block of the week and the teacher didn't finish it she said for lack of interest.   I thought to myself......self real quilters are better than this.  I have stewed about this for a long time and had to vent.  Maybe 20012 will be better.  Blogging to me is getting in touch with other people that love what I love.  Please before you get involved in a swap or what ever don't unless you will finish. So thanks for letting me let off steam.  I know there are plenty
of  good quilters out there.  I don't have an etsy or a special talent but I love to blog.............
A good way I can learn and and touch other quilters without getting out which is hard for me sometimes.  I guess all of this in  a matter of months just didn't work for me.
No pictures to post this time. I have taken plenty to share later. 
I look forward to blogging and learning and have some laughs.

I have been working on a quilt for a donation for an auction for a Baptist Preschool.  Hope to have it
quilted soon.  Maybe some sewing for me.  But as I type this I know how much I love to quilt for
donations and charity.

Here is hoping that 2012 will be better for everyone.

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