Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A lot going on in my sewing room.

Finally got started again in my sewing room. Nothing to take a picture of yet.  I do have some additions
to my sewing room though.

Mr Baboo made me a wonderful self for my sewing room. It was time to expand.  Since most of my sewing room is windows ( love the natural light )  but I don't have many walls to use. One end is for my design wall Which I love.  Wont be giving that up.

I love anything Jim Shore, but I collect the angels. Had to have a place for them. Nice right?

This picture is from Christmas. They are chocolate mice that my husband makes every Christmas. So cute.

The caption for this picture is getting a cow toy for Christmas awesome, taking a nap with cow priceless.  My Lola is priceless.

I have done a lot of sewing for charity and Christmas.  So it is time to sew a little for me.  On my
good days I have been in the sewing room working on a table topper and a Valentine wall hanging.
Pictures when I finish...And Saturday did a one day visit to a local quilt retreat. Saw a lot of quilter friends I had not seen for a long time, played games and laughed so much my sides were sore the next
day. So much fun.

I'll get it finished stitch by stitch......

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