Friday, September 17, 2010

No quilting today.............

With my bad knees and back you always pay for your good times.  I am paying BUT it is well worth it.
My Bee went on a trip yesterday.  We went to Ikea in Atlanta and then to Atlantic Station.  I think we all had a good time.  Had a nice lunch and I had a glass of wine.  So good. 
I have so much waiting for me in the sewing room.  But I have to pay my dues for my good times.
I had to prove to myself that I could keep up and fit in again after a 2 years absence. 
Not a quilt shop visit, I was surprised.  My hunt for Elvis fabric continues.  For a challenge quilt for the guild this year is to make a Elvis quilt.  He never was a favorite of mine. I guess I will have to try and channel him while I am making this quilt.  Ya Think????
No more thoughts , my body and mind are so tired.
But maybe I can sew tomorrow.
Stitch by Stitch

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