Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Finally got back into the sewing room.  Some how I just cant call that place my studio.  Pinned a baby quilt I made from some scraps donated to our guild for the Journey of Hope.  Quilts for children with cancer.  I am told they really love the quilts and take them everywhere.  Well I always manage to stick myself with a pin and bleed and yes you guessed it I always get my DNA on every quilt that I make and hope I can get it out.
I always think that makes me part of that quilt.  My Bee is going on a trip Thursday to IKEA.  I'm so excited but a bit worried also.  You see I'm getting over a 2 year illness of a knee replacement and an infection in both knees and my spine.  By the grace of GOD I am able to walk.  I had to learn all over again.  OK my bird dog got off the trail.  Anyway I hope the others will not mind me being slow and think they have to worry about me.  I just don't want to be a burden. I am trying so hard to fit in again.  This has really changed my life. 
Come to think of it this blog is a way for me to get things straight in my mind quilting/ journal.  Quilting has become a way to express myself and fellowship with women that loves the same things I do.
I learn something new everyday in quilting.  The ladies in my Bee always love to share what they know and for that I'm grateful. 
I'm trying so hard to get ready for Christmas before I got sick I would do all of my Christmas sewing in the summer.  I have been searching the web for Christmas patterns.
Maybe I will get caught up this winter.
Stitch by Stitch

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