Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My fennell is full of catapillars, oops until the Red Birds and Wrens found them. They had a nice meal. Well that is nature.

I am doing a sew along with Chickadee Chatter , Carol Steffensen. This is block # 4 and #5. Yippee I am caught up until next block is posted.
I did have trouble with block # 3. Carol you said that you had trouble with that one also. I saw someone post that block. Please if you had trouble tell me what you did.
The plus for me is really having a purpose for shopping for Civil War Fabric. Love it.
A big thanks to Carol for posting these blocks. I really enjoy the challenge.
A very good last 3 days in my sewing room. Also cutting out a Christmas wall hanging today. Hope to put that together tomorrow.

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