Saturday, April 9, 2011

Still working on my blog.

I am still trying to get things added to my blog and add pictures.  I really enjoy seeing every ones blog with pictures of their pets and quilts.
My last post was about going to class.  Boy did we have fun.  Made Cross Over blocks. I love any quilt class I can take and learn something.  I have been quilting about 8 years I learn something new everyday.
My taste in fabric has changed over and over.  I started out traditional and that didn't last long.
I have finished my Civil War quilt and it is at the quilters.
We have 2 more months before our guild stops for the summer,I'm looking forward to that.  I hope to
get ahead a little.  I'm ready to do some seasonal sewing.
Every ones Easter quilting is so pretty.
Well wish me luck with adding pictures and improving my blog site.
I'll get it done stitch by stitch..................

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